Monday, 8 December 2014

How to: DIY Montessori Placemat

The Montessori placemat is a part of the infant/toddler's practical life materials. The shapes of the bowl, glass and utensils is clear and easy for the toddler to identify. Once the toddler is walking and able to carry objects (i.e. there bowl and cup from their shelf) they can independently set their own table. According to Montessori children aged between 0-3 are in the sensitive period for order and beauty in the environment. It is the adult's responsibility to prepare an environment that allows the child to express this. The children greatly benefit from setting their table and preparing their own snacks. It encourages independence and autonomy in the child as well as improving fine motor skills. 

Here is the required materials list if you missed it:
- Ribbed material for the placemat
(With matching colour thread)
- A second colour material for the utensil patches
(With matching colour thread)
- Child- sized bowl/ plate, cup, and utensils
- Sewing Machine
- Sewing Scissors
- Iron
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Pins

I hope you enjoy this super easy tutorial and have a go at making a placemat for your own child. Have a lovely day!
Nikki xx

Update: Beau enjoying juice and berries using his placemat, and very carefully placing his glass down with lots of concentration.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Beau's Story

The first year of a baby's life flies by so quickly, so for Beau's first year my daughter worked on a project to capture one second of footage everyday starting from his birth and compile it into a time-lapse video. The result was something we could have never expected, it is absolutely beautiful and well worth it!

Here it is, I hope you enjoy!