Sunday 22 March 2015

Beau's Montessori Kitchen Shelf

I love taking a look at how others setup their practical-life environments at home. So I thought I'd share  how we setup Beau's kitchen shelf area. We keep a selection of essential kitchen items that we use daily at easy reach for Beau. 

The water canister is the perfect size for the top shelf (There is a ledge above it that stops it from falling down) and at the perfect height for Beau to access. Glasses are kept right next the the water canister. These shot glasses are a good size for a toddler's small hands and mouth, while still giving them the freedom and independence of using glass. The top shelf is lined with black non-slip material, to make the water canister extra sturdy. We keep a small, shallow, blue box beside his glasses containing cutlery - one fork, one spoon and one spreading knife.

On the next shelf we have a basket with a few cloths for moping up spills and wiping down his table (We have blue for the kitchen and white for the bathroom). His placemat, which he takes to his table before a meal or snack, you can find the DIY for his placemat here. His small apron for cooking is a new addition, handmade by my daughter. 

On the bottom shelf we keep one of each of his crockery pieces, while the rest of his bowls, cups and plates are kept on the bottom shelf of our cupboard.  His tea cup and saucer are for having tea (warm almond milk and agave nectar) which he loves! You can watch a video of Beau having tea with his big sister here. I am planning on setting up an activity for his practical life shelves so Beau can make his own tea. There is also a small plate and bowl, which he can take to his table when preparing a snack for himself.

Beau getting himself a glass of water.

I hope you enjoyed reading and that you get some inspiration for your own home environments!
Nikki xx


  1. Hi! I am SO happy I stumbled across this lovely blog. (I LOVE PINTEREST!) I am 23 weeks pregnant and have been talking a lot with my lovely baby daddy about Montessori and how I would love to implement it in our home. I have already started planning little ones nursery in the Montessori style. I am favouriting this blog and will be back often! Thank you for writing about your journey! Emma @ xxx

    1. Thank you Emma :) I'm so glad to hear you're going to have a Montessori nursery for your baby. Hope it all goes well, good luck!